Uber CEO resign

Last week, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned. This news is all over the internet along with Uber’s previous scandals. Within the same year, Uber had many negative news that possibly violated laws and many people’s code of ethics. The list includes:

  1. Sexual harassment on women engineers and the HR didn’t do anything about it.
  2. Usage of Greyball probe to avoid law enforcement at cities where Uber is banned.
  3. Flouted Apple terms by continuing to track user data on Apple iPhones even after the Uber app is uninstalled.
  4. Alleged of stealing Google’s automatic car trade secret,.
  5. Shouting on an Uber driver.

Overall, it was a streak of negative news in a short amount of time.

Finally, venture capitalists and the board of directors of Uber finally can’t stand these negative press anymore. A few years ago, they invested on Uber as a potent startup. But now, they are seeing the current CEO is leading the company to a pitfall of bad presses. They have to fire this “rebel hero” of the tech industry for Uber to recover from this public relation crisis.

At the moment, there are many potential candidates can become the new CEO of Uber. Even the former Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer has the possibility of becoming the new CEO of Uber. The decision will be made among Uber’s board of directors and they have to make it quick to avoid employees leaving the company.


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