Slightly more than half of the college graduates regret of their choices

Do you regret about the choice you made for your Bachelor Degree? If you can time travel back to your senior year of high school, would you choose the same major or choose a different major? There is a lot of “what if” in life and college is no exception. According to a study by Gallup and Strada Education Network, about 51% of the Americans who have a Bachelor or advance degree would want to restart as a different major. Both research institutions together interviewed more than 350 American adults and more than 122,500 annually and came up with this result.

Within the survey result, 36% of the respondents would retake their major, 28% would choose a different college, and 12% would get a different type of degree entirely. Collectively, 51% of American college graduates regret one or more of the three.

Some of these college graduates regret because of the tough time they are facing in the job market, some regret for not following their passion, and some went to the college with their high school boyfriend/girlfriend and broke up while in college. Overall, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) major graduates have the least rate of regrets. This may be the fact that they have plenty of high salary job opportunities and graduates fulfilled their dream of becoming a scientist, engineer, or mathematician…

There are more interesting finding about the report. People who completed their degree at 30 or older are more satisfied with their decisions than those aren’t. Also, bachelor degree holders are more likely to regret their choice study than technical/vocational, associate, and postgraduate degree holders. In another word, people in the late 20s-30s make better educational decision than high school seniors.

In the end, regardless of regret or not, it is never too late to learn the topics you missed from the other majors. With the resources of online courses, bootcamps, and part time college classes, it is possible to take back those classes. However, the time and money is lost permanently and may even be a sunken cost that shouldn’t be look back.


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