The big picture of the future US economy, according to tech venture capitalists

The Disrupt NY 2017 was host by TechCrunch in New York City from May 15 to May 17. There were hackathons, innovative startups presenting their solutions to existing problems in various industries, especially in the real estate industry. Nevertheless, there are panelists addressing larger issues like the economy, business prospects of Silicon Valley companies, and of course, the FCC.

There are many interesting panels in this three days event. One of them is Stuart Ellman (RRE Ventures), Maha Ibrahim (Canaan Partners) and Amish Jani (FirstMark Capital) talked to Connie Loizos (TechCrunch) about the the future landscape of the tech industry with politics, social, and economical perspectives.

If Trump is going to lower the capital gain tax and deregulate the market, will it encourage startups and investment? At the same time, he caused some xenophobic sentiment and increased some restrictions on the H1B working visa. High tech companies in the US require a significant amount of H1B visa labors. Would it cause labor shortage for these tech giants? In speaking of employment, AI are replacing simple, manual labor intensive jobs in the US and it is unavoidable. People with jobs are being replaced by robots will need some time to relearn another skills to be employable. Could the current education system be helpful in this situation?

Meanwhile, the gig economy is trending in the American business landscape. Gig economy is when a job market are having more freelances and short term labors instead of the traditional full time labors. For examples, large companies are hiring temporary designers to design their webpages, organizations are hiring grant writers to write for their cause… It is like outsourcing in a business-labor level. At the same time, this new economic model is criticized for it is a way of wealthy corporate executives trying to cut costs.


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