Should CEOs be openly political?

It isn’t news that a number of CEO and corporate leaders of large American companies are openly revealing their stances over controversial political issues. CEOs are picking sides in ongoing debates such as immigration, gay marriage, gun control, abortion rights, and race relations. In the current American political situation, opinions toward these issues are diverged among the masses. For example, Starbucks announced they will hire 10,000 refugees to counter President Donald Trump’s recent policy on banning certain travelers from politically unstable Muslim countries. With such action, Starbuck is showing the world that they are aligning with the liberal ideology of not discriminating people based on their origin. With modern digital media, news like this can spread like wildfire in a dry savannah; it spreads throughout the population via different communication channels quickly.

Like famous celebrities, large corporations attract high amounts of media attention. The CEO and the top products/services in which the company provides are usually the most prevalent subject when mentioning that company, as they are the representatives. Whenever these representatives address the public, they are making impressions for themselves and creating an image for their company. Therefore, it is very important for a CEO to choose what are they going to say and do in front of people; any negative representation will damage the company’s public image.

When CEOs and corporate leaders are openly affiliating politically, it is more likely that they are doing it for their business instead of themselves. See more


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