How much do US consumers trust AI?

AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by a computer system. These processes include machine learning, reasoning (using the rules to reach goal), and self-correction. Some AI may even include speech or image recognition. The term AI may sound like a high-end technological term, or those world dominating, destructive, and powerful robots in sci-fi films. In fact, some of us may not notice how seamlessly AI had integrated into our daily lives. AI products like cell phone assistant tools such as Siri and Cortana, entertainment recommendation tools like Netflix, chatbots, online customer supports, smart surveillance, interactive maps, and video games became part of many people’s daily lives in the developed world. AI products and services are indivisible from the consumer market now.

In a research by InsideSales, an AI-powered predictive sales acceleration platform, 2000 participants from different parts of the US and with different household income backgrounds were surveyed on what type of tasks would they trust AI on handling. At first, most of the participants answered that they had used navigation applications, video streaming, and music streaming services regularly. Of course, these AI are designed for all demographics and they are useful to majority of the population. Most people need direction when traveling to new places and entertainment. Some of the participants found that their smartphone assistants like Siri and personal fitness applications are helpful. At the same time, not everyone is using robotic floor cleaner to do the chores, nor do everyone use robots in their workplace. Nevertheless, only 18.14% of the respondents never used any of the AI products/services listed on the chart. This proves AI products are very widespread in the consumer market.


AI Products Usage

However, when the participants were asked whether or not had they ever used an AI product, only slightly more than half of the participants responded “yes, they had used AI products.” This is more likely… see more


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