Company Profile: Airware

In the not too distant past, unmanned aircraft (drones) used to only exist as a science fiction concept. In recent years, the military further developed the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology in correlation to it’s increasingly prevalent battlefield performances. Today, the concept of how drones are used in the Middle East isn’t alien to people. Drone operators observe the battlefield or operation site from miles away by being able to fully control these robots in combat or supporting missions via remote interface. Despite the controversy of drone usage in warfare, there’s no doubt that this UAS technology is capable of reducing the life risks of pilots in dangerous missions and combat. In recent years, these multi-purpose machines are starting being used in non-combat settings. In the US, hobbyists, police officers, and businesses are harnessing this technology for their own benefit.

Located in San Francisco, CA, Airware produces drones for commercial purposes with contemporary hardware, flight cores, and… see more


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