Small Business Owners’ Political Affiliation

In the US, there is no strange to see business leaders of large corporations like Apple, Facebook, Chick-fil-A, and Starbucks are choosing sides on hotly debated political social issues like immigration and same-sex marriage in the news. Like any famous person, CEO of large corporations’ political affiliation are big news. Besides receiving high amount of media coverage, large corporations usually lobby donate more to political leaders during political campaigns and hire more employees than most businesses. Thus large corporations are having more social influences than average small businesses. However, the quantity of small businesses is much higher than the quantity of large corporations. According to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), there are 28.8 millions of small businesses in the US and constitutes 99.7% of businesses in the US. In 2013, they hired about 48% of all US employees.  In another word, small business owners are the silent majority in the entrepreneurial world.

business and employment

Firm size vs workers firm employed, Sourced: SBA

In 2016, the SBA surveyed 1,366 small business owners across the US based on the demographics data in the US census. In the survey, respondents revealed their political stances over identity, political activeness, and concerns. As demographics most of the respondents are non-minority male born before 1964.

sbm demographic

Small business owners’ affiliation on Republican and Independent parties are higher than national average 

age gender race

Demographics small business owners

Although small business don’t have as much capital resources and media coverage as large corporations, they still can play a significant role in regional politics. By looking at their source of revenue, most of small businesses’ source of income are from local levels. They will favor policies that will be beneficial to their local business.  In the same time, political active small business owners are taking different methods to make an impact in politic.


speaking out

Actions taken by political active small business owners

Despite of having different political believes, business owners are worrying about similar topics like employee benefit and insurance, retirement, finding good employees, domestic economy, cost of doing business, and taxation.


Small business owners’ top concerns


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