List of free photo editor softwares

When it comes to photo editing, many people think of Photoshop immediately. Words like “photoshopped” were originated from the software Adobe Photoshop, a premium professional photo editing software.

Not all internet users are professional graphic designers that can afford monthly fees to edit photos. But sometimes we wanted to add effects on pictures we took in a trip, edit a poster for school/club/business, or simply wants to edit images for fun but don’t have the money to afford Adobe Photoshop. These are some of the suggestions:


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is image editor available for operation systems like GNU/Linux, OS X, and Windows. It is a free, opensource software. It is designed for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and even computer scientists. GIMP has great number of professional tools to edit or create images, like layers, lighting, colors and many types artistic effects. It is also possible for user to customize their version of GIMP with programming languages like C, C++, Perl, Python or Scheme, or simply with third party plugins. For beginners, the user interface may seem complicated but GIMP provides tutorial videos in their home page.



Not to get confused with the, a company that provides paints and coatings for buildings.

Paint.NET is a free, open source photo editing software for the Windows operating systems. It provides user interface with supports for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful editorial tools. There is also an active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and third party plugins. Although it does not have as many features when comparing to GIMP, but its simple user interface is more beginners friendly.


User interface of Paint.NET

Google Picasa

It is not exactly a software, but a feature of Google. Google Picasa is created for photo modifying. Users may adjust styles, light, and colors of the photos they uploaded. Unlike GIMP nor Paint.NET, users can’t create images, add text, crop, or add layers to their photos. However, if user only wanted change the lighting and color of their photos, Google Picasa can do the work.


Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner is a photo editing software designed for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Zoner is free for 30 days without obligation but later it requires to pay a one time fee, amount depends on the license type. Users must with verified their email address before using Zoner. Users could upload photo from their computer and edit on Zoner. It has a rich variety of lighting and color adjustments for users to choose from. It also has tutorial in their home page for beginner users. Nevertheless, like Google Picasa, it is pure photo editing, users can’t create their photos with Zoner.


Here is a list of some free photo editor softwares. Depending on the user’s preferences and goal of usage, they can serve as a productive tool just like the famous Adobe Photoshop. Not all photoshopped pictures are done with Adobe Photoshop.


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