2017 Corporate Reputation Ranking

Recently, the Harris Poll released the corporate reputation quotient ratings within most visible 100 companies in the US from different sectors and industries. In the research, 23,633 American adults were surveyed. Respondents were first asked about the visibility by rating familiarity of each large companies. Then, the respondents will rate the 100 most familiar companies in the following six dimension of corporate reputation: product & service, social responsibility, financial performance, vision & leadership, emotional appeal, and the workplace environment.

As result, the intentional wrong doing, illegal actions by corporate heads, lying/misinterpretation about their service/product, and using misleading financial information for financial gains are the biggest turn off for the reputation. For example, Wells Fargo is ranked 99 on this list due to its fake account scandals. Meanwhile UPS returned to the top 10 with its service and supporting sustainable energy in social responsibility.


The Harris Poll had been conducting the corporate reputation rating since 1999.  In addition, they posted their corporate reputation reports of the previous two years on their homepage and can be viewed if requested. In addition,besides business Harris Poll also conducts poll researches on topics like politics, sports, and health.


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