How does working from home like?

In the age of internet, telecommunication had never been this easy. People can have conversation and seeing each other while being miles apart from each other. Thus, some jobs now day doesn’t require showing up on working site and the workers can work at their home. This sounds great to daily commuters that have to take the crowded public transportation or get into the rush hour traffic every Mon-Fri. And it doesn’t need to leave home in the cold, dark winter morning. How wonderful is this!

The problem of working from home is it may be too comfortable. Too comfortable to the point that it can get you fired and you probably won’t care about it. Imagine working at a very comfortable place, you can turn your favorite YouTube channel/Netflix show on, eat and drink anything in anytime you want, and the most important, your boss/manager is not around and doesn’t know what you are doing! You may even work without pants on! Does this motivate you to get some serious work done? Working from home require more discipline and higher work ethic than working in office. Yes, it is a first world problem because only first world can have such jobs.


Describing one of my work from home job with an old meme

I worked on two remote jobs. One of the job is being a game journalist intern at a video game news publisher. I had to research and write a news article or a special article like an opinion piece, interview with game developers, or lists everyday. In another word, if I submitted five approved articles to the editor and published it, all works are done for the week. In the same time, there were other interns across the country working from their home too. As time went on, there were less and less submissions from the interns to the editors each week. The editors can’t do anything but threaten the interns of not writing recommendation letters in the future. In that point, some interns did not care about the warning and being dropped from the internship. Those interns probably cared about their internship when applying for it, but probably did not care much at those relaxing moments.

In addition, my editor sent us some tips and experiences about working at home in the early weeks of the internship. She emphasized perk of working remotely is the dress code. Also, one of the unique experience she mentioned is the vague boundary between work and daily life. She turned her bedroom into her office. So we can say that she works in her bedroom, and it can be said that she sleeps in her office. As solution, she used Google Schedule, a to do list, and redecorate her room to define the boundary.

Today, many freelance/temporary content creation jobs, social media jobs, and even self-employed are working remotely since all equipment they need are a working computer and WiFi. Working remotely is now a trend. However, beware of those “stuff envelope from home part time” job scams. In reality, it would take extra shipping costs and time to ship the envelops and documents to your home. In conclusion, working from home is now a thing, but beware of job scams. To some people, working from home is already a luxury, or “too good to be true”.

PS: Leave a comment here or message me if you want to share some of the working experience in your industry in my blog =D


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