Reviews of some free to learn programming website

Programming is a highly demanding skill in the US job market. High demanding jobs like web developers, database managers, and software developers require some skill levels in coding. Thus the supplies of services to teach programming are high to satisfy the demand. There are many schools, websites, and even YouTubers are teaching programming online. And some of them are free to the public.

Code School is a freemium programming educational website that teaches user programming languages and software development. It offers programming language lessons in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Elixir, PHP, .NET, Python, and software skills in Git, iOS, and database management. A free account offers access to their 13 introductory courses, and a paid subscription gives user unlimited access to all of their courses. At the moment, it has 68 interactive courses, 252 screencasts, and 2955 coding challenges.

It also offer special prices to businesses which are looking forward to train their employees on programming and software skills.

Image result for Code School

Choose you language path in Code School

Free Code Camp offers free and interactive courses in HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, database management and Git. Although it is not offering a lot of languages at the moment, the courses’ curriculum are very detailed. It was built to prepare its users for their web developing or software developer careers. Free Code Camp is more focused on preparing their users for their careers.

In addition, users may discuss with their classmates about their classwork/homework when they encounter a problem in a chatroom. Whenever a user is finished with their course and received certificated in Front End, Data Visualization, Back End, and Full Stack zfrom Free Code Camp, that user can have a mock job interviews with Free Code Camp.


What Free Code Camp is offering other than its courses

Coursera is where prestigious schools and universities offer some of their online courses to the public. They has various types of courses such as finance, business, humanity, history, mathematics, psychology, engineering, computer science… almost any courses you can find in a college. These courses will have homeworks with deadline, hence the setting of this service will be like taking an online course. Some of its courses are free to public while some are paid to learn.  In some cases, when user finished their courses they even receive a certificate, from that particular school.

At the moment, Coursera has courses from Duke, UPenn, University of Michigan, Stanford, and many universities across the world in different languages.


Sample certificate from Coursera

Regardless which one to choose, paid or free, it takes dedication to finish all of the courses.


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