The most popular website building websites

After the Internet was commercialized in the late 1980s, it became more popular than ever. At this moment, there are more than 1,143,000,000 websites globally, all existing in different languages with different purposes. Some of the websites were built with professional web developers and some are built with website building websites (like this one).

Website builders are websites that allow users to create their own websites without knowing much of website architecture. Now-day anyone with ideas and a computer can create websites. For example, is a website built on  WordPress provides me templates and features, and I only need to customize the template and put contents on this web page.

There are a plenty of website-building websites existing in the market. Some of them are freemium (free, but users can pay to unlock more functions), and some are paid to use. In the same time, some are being popular, or more websites were built with those website builders.


Amount of websites built by certain website builders, sourced from BuiltWith

Of course, different website builders have the different user interfaces and services, they charge their services differently too. In the same time, being popular doesn’t guarantee the web-builder services are fit for everyone’s taste.

(How many times had I used the word “website” in this article?)


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