Websites with most traffics in 2016, according to Alexa

More than 46% of the current world population has internet access, according to Internet Live Stats. There are more than 3,551,616,700 people have access to the internet and increasing every second. Developing countries like India, Iran and Pakistan’s amount of internet users are increasing quickly. In the same time, more users mean more traffics on websites and even more quantity of websites in their languages!


Top 24 nations with the most internet users


Web traffic statistics according to Alexa

Internet giants like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia dominated most of the web traffics in the US. Even globally, they have the similar high impacts and traffic. Interestingly, in the global ranking (without the same domain but different country code), some popular Chinese websites are ranking on the list. With its 721 million internet user and the Great Firewall blocking some non-Chinese website traffic into China, these Chinese websites are having high rankings in the global list. Besides its political role, the Great Firewall also has the protectionism role for websites like Weibo, QQ, and Baidu. In the same time, Google and Yahoo with other country codes sites are able to be ranked in this list. It shows how important it is for the locals and how successful of these internet giants localized.

Notes on Chinese websites:

  • Baidu is the Chinese version of Google, with its Baidu Tieba serving features like Reddit
  • QQ is an instant chatting software but it also has news, games, blogging, music and other freemium features.
  • Taobao, JD, and Tmall are online shopping websites
  • Weibo as the Chinese version Twitter, but instead of #topic, they #topic# and allow to upload more pictures than Twitter
  • 360 was mainly a computer security software and now expanded into browsers
  • Sina and Sohu are email and news services

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