Samsung explained why Note 7 exploded and what they will do to improve it

On January 23, 2017, Samsung Electronics hosted a press conference to explain the cause of their recent product, Note 7’s explosion incidents at their headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. They shared details of the investigation and apologized for the incidents. Lack of internal battery safety is the main cause of the fire and explosions of the Note 7.

“For the last several months, together with independent industry expert organizations, we conducted thorough investigation to find cause to the Galaxy Note7 incidents.Today, more than ever, we are committed to earning the trust of our customers through innovation that redefines what is possible in safety, and as a gateway to unlimited possibilities and incredible new experiences.” — DJ Koh, president of Samsung.

After explaining the cause of explosions, Samsung promised to implement a broader range of internal quality and safety processes to enhance future product safety. Such as the adding multi-layer safety measures and 8-Point Battery Safety Check. In addition, Samsung formed a Battery Advisory Group of external advisers, academic, and research experts to ensure its battery safety and innovation. The group included engineering and chemistry professors from Cambridge, UC Berkeley, and Stanford.


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