Having healthier lifestyle and wiser financial decision continue to be top new year resolutions

Welcome to 2017 and it is time for new year resolutions. There are always people have the desire to improve themselves in a new year along the firework and countdown at their city. By looking at social media posts like Twitter, wishes for a healthier lifestyle, more engagement with friends/families and better financial decisions are always on the top lists of new year resolutions.

According to Statistic Brain, a team of market researchers which surveyed 1273 individuals online, 216 by phone and 73 in person, the top 11 new year resolutions for 2017 are:


popular goals for this year

Last year’s new year resolutions by GOBankingRates

However, not everyone can keep their new year resolutions. There are always people who buy a whole year gym membership buy only visit the gym in January. In the surveyed respondents by Statistic Brain, only 72.6% of the respondent can keep their new year resolution for a week, and less than half of them can continue their resolution by July. In the same time, about 42% of the respondents never make new year resolutions.

Nevertheless, whenever you want to make a change in life, you don’t need to wait till a new year to make changes to improve yourself, you always can start tomorrow, or now. However, the hardest part is always maintaining the habit.


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