US video game industry generated $30.4 billions in 2016

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) had announced the video game industry had generated around $30.4 billions revenue in 2016. The total revenue included hardware, software, and in-game transactions. In the same time, the ESA stated the revenue from software (mobile, downloadable contents, subscription, and physically packaged goods) is total $30.2 billion, which increased by 6% from 2015. In addition, Back in 2015, the total revenue of the US video game industry was $23.5 billion.  It increased $6.9 billions over a year.

In the same time, mobile games revenue continued to grow steadily in the previous years.


Revenue of all American mobile games increased by 0.27 billion last year

“2016 was another enormous year for the interactive entertainment industry. The industry’s innovative genius and ability to engage and delight billions of gamers worldwide delivered another record performance. Congratulations to the developers, storytellers, creators, and investors who defined the leaderboard for entertainment.” – Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of ESA

In the same time, 2016 was a big year for virtual reality. Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear… and other virtual reality gaming systems are being noticed by the public. According to a brand awareness survey by Statista,  only 31% of the surveyed Americans hadn’t heard of any of the virtual reality headsets in 2015.


Brand awareness survey result of major VR headsets in US by Statista in 2015

In addition, here are seven interesting facts from the 2016 Sales, Demographics and Usage Data Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry by the ESA:

  1. The average gamer’s age is 35
  2. 59% of the gamers are male and 41% are female
  3. 54% of the gamers play multiplayer games
  4. The most popular game genre on mobile are board/card games and puzzle games
  5. 7% of the parents don’t control what games do their kids play
  6. Shooters genre is the most popular genre among all video game genre, second is action, then the sport genre and the role-play genre
  7. 65% of the US households have a device for gaming and 48% of the US households have a gaming console

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