The most common passwords in 2016

The password “123456” continued ranked to be the most common password.  In the same time, as more websites required passwords to be longer than six characters, passwords like “1234” and “12345” are no longer on the list.  Also, users are getting more creative at the upper-left of the keyboard with combinations of 1234 and qwer. In addition, it is interesting how computer generated passwords like “3rjs1la7qe” and “18atcskd2w” are on the list. It seemed like the passwords aren’t truly randomly generated.

Recently, Keeper Security, a password manager/digital vault, revealed the top 25 most common passwords in 2016.  In the same time, these 25 passwords consisted more than 50% of the analyzed 10 million passwords, and this year’s champion “123456” consisted as 17% of the total analyzed passwords. Besides “123456”, easily breakable passwords like “password”, “12345678”, “111111”, “123123” are still on the list.

Here is the list of the most common passwords in the previous 4 years:

123456 is the chosen password by the people

Most of these password combinations are easy to remember and mostly combinations of patterned number and small cased letters. Capitalized letters and punctuation marks can strengthen passwords significantly. For example, “(PassworD)” is definitely harder to crack than “password”.

If your password is on the list, please change it as soon as possible to avoid the risks of unauthorized access.  It is unfortunate to be hacked by some hackers who are just trying out these 25 passwords.


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